Table of Contents

Overview of education in health care / Susan B. Bastable.
Ethical, legal, and economic foundations of the educational process / M. Janice Nelson.
Applying learning theories to health care / Margaret M. Braungart and Richard G. Braungart.
Determinants of learning / Sharon Kitchie.
Developmental stages of the learner / Susan B. Bastable and Michelle A. Dart.
Motivation, compliance, and health behaviors of the learner / Eleanor Richards and Wendy Sayward.
Literacy in the adult patient population / Susan B. Bastable.
Gender, socioeconomic, and cultural attributes of the learner / Susan B. Bastable.
Special populations / Kay Viggiani.
Behavioral objectives / Ssusan B. Bastable and Julie A. Doody.
Teaching methods and instructional settings / Kathleen Fitzgerald.
Instructional materials / Diane S. Hainsworth.
Technology in education / Deborah L. Sopczyk.
Evaluation in healthcare education / Priscilla Sandford Worral.