Table of Contents

Nutrition requirements during pregnancy / Lisa S. Brown.
Normal infant nutrition / Rachelle Lessen, Sari Edelstein.
Normal nutrition for toddler through school-aged children and the role of parents in promoting healthy nutrition in early childhood / Jennifer Sabo.
Normal adolescent nutrition / Pamela S. Hinton.
Special topics in prenatal and infant nutrition : failure to thrive / Claire Blais.
Special topics in toddler and preschool nutrition : vitamins and minerals in childhood / Aaron Owens.
Special topics in school-aged nutrition : pediatric vegetarianism and childhood overweight / Reed Mangels, Inger Stallmann-Jorgensen, and Edna Harris-Davis.
Special topics in preadolescence and adolescent nutrition : dietary guidelines for athletes, pediatric diabetes, and disordered eating / Pamela S. Hinton and Karen Chapman-Novakofski.
Special topics in adult nutrition : chronic disease nutritional assessment / Jennifer L. Bueche.
Special topics in adults and chronic diseases : nutrition and public health / Judith Sharlin.
Special topics in adult nutrition : physical activity and weight management / Stella Lucia Volpe.
Special topics in nutrition and the older adult : diet, life-style, disease, and pharmacologic considerations / Roschelle Heuberger.
Special topics in age-related risks : unique nutrition issues in the older adult / Karen M. Funderburg and Migy K. Mathews.
Special topics related to the registered dietitian and older adults : roles and responsibilities of the registered dietitian in long-term care / Victoria Hammer Castellanos and Angela Sader.
Special topics in nutrition and ethics : nutritional and ethical issues at the end of life / Judith Sharlin and I. David Todres.