Table of Contents

Medical facts, errors, and this book.
Challenging current medical misconception.
Epidemiologic realities and gee-whiz facts.
Disease prevention and screening.
Risk factors and disease correlates.
Practical clinical pearls.
Laboratory testing, electrocardiography and imaging.
Alarming symptoms and red flag findings.
Therapeutic insights.
Idiosyncratic and uncommon drug effects.
Drug Interactions and adventures in polypharmacy.
Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.
Unforeseen, counterintuitive and possibly prophetic findings.
Unforeseen, counterintuitive and possibly prophetic findings.
Some timeless truths about medical practice.
A clinican's glossary of statistical terms. This book presents selected literature-based information clinicians need to know to provide informed patient care and avoid medical misadventures. Facts that can help make us better and safer clinicians include knowing the usefulness of palmar crease pallor in detecting anemia (not reliable), antibiotics that can cause a false positive opiate urine drug screen (fluoroquinolones), and an occasional early clue to testicular cancer (gynecomastia). Of course, keeping up to date on current medical knowledge and being curious about the implications of published research conclusions not only help assure superior clinical performance; they also bolster the preparation for board examinations.--