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Epigenetics and Disease; Preface; Contents; DNA Methylation and Cancer; Genome-Wide Epigenetic Modifications in Cancer; DNA Repair and the Control of DNA Methylation; Errors in Erasure: Links Between Histone Lysine Methylation Removal and Disease; Histone Modifications in Cancer Biology and Prognosis; Dynamics of Histone Lysine Methylation: Structures of Methyl Writers and Erasers; Epigenetic Mechanisms of Mental Retardation; Histone and DNA Modifications in Mental Retardation; HDAC Inhibitors and Cancer Therapy; Epigenetic Mechanisms in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Epigenetics has emerged recently as an important area of molecular biological studies. Epigenetic modifications lead to potentially heritable but reversible alterations in the expression of genes that determine cell fate. Epigenetic misregulation is thus often linked to degenerative diseases, cancer and neuronal disorders. Recent biomedical interest in this regulatory system stems from the fact that epigenetic, in contrast to genetic, alterations are in principle amenable to pharmacological intervention. A few epigenetically active drugs, for example histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi) and.