Table of Contents

Benign melanocytic proliferations.
Essential criteria for diagnosing melanoma.
Histologic mimics of malignant melanoma.
Epidermal neoplasms.
Pilosebaceous neoplasms.
Tumors with eccrine differentiation.
Merkel cell carcinoma. & Quot;Epidermal Cell Tumors: The Basics" will serve as an effective and efficient handbook for the student of dermatopathology, and as a practical bench reference for the practicing diagnostician who desires rapid access to criteria that are useful in differentiating histologically similar entities. The reader will be able to focus upon a single histologic observation, i.e., inflammatory conditions without epidermal changes, and use this as a starting point from which to build a differential diagnosis based upon pattern recognition. As each entity is addressed, there will be a concise dis.