Table of Contents

Cover; Contents; Note on Internet Citations and Additional Web Resources; Preface: Stories about Stories; Introduction. Once upon a Time: Encountering the Word Made Flesh; 1. On the Finster Trail: The Business of Howard Finster's Divine Busyness; 2. Signs of the Times: Howard Finster and Prophetic Reenchantment; 3. The Matter of My Mission: Howard Finster's Religious Template; 4. The First and Second Noah: Howard Finster's Ark of Myth and Meaning; 5. The Finster Mythos: Just the Facts in Howard Finster's Mythic Life; 6. Snakes in the Garden: Life and Death in Paradise. 7. The Strange Beauty of Bad and Nasty Art: Toward a Finsterian AestheticConclusion. Howard Finster: The Hidden Man of the Heart; Notes; Acknowledgments; List of Illustrations; Credits and Permissions; Plates.