Table of Contents

Contents; Contributors; Editors' Preface; Series Foreword; Foreword; 1. Challenges and Opportunities with GM Crops in Vietnam: the Case of Bt Cotton; 2. Cotton Production in Vietnam; The colour plate section can be found; 3. Consideration of Problem Formulation and Option Assessment (PFOA) for Environmental Risk Assessment: Bt Cotton in Vietnam; 4. Transgene Locus Structure and Expression; 5. Non-target and Biological Diversity Risk Assessment; 6. Potential Effect of Transgenic Cotton on Non-target Herbivores in Vietnam 7. Invertebrate Predators in Bt Cotton in Vietnam: Techniques for Prioritizing Species and Developing Risk Hypotheses for Risk Assessment8. Potential Effects of Transgenic Cotton on Non-target Insect Parasitoids in Vietnam; 9. Potential Effects of Transgenic Cotton on Flower Visitors in Vietnam; 10. Potential Effects of Transgenic Cotton on Soil Ecosystem Processes in Vietnam; 11. Environmental Risks Associated with Gene Flow Synthesises information relevant to GM crops in Vietnam, taking Bt cotton as an example. This book enables Vietnamese scientists to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of Bt cotton varieties prior to commercialization, and provides guidance for environmental risk assessment of various transgenic crops.