Table of Contents

Richard P. Wayne: Basic concepts of photochemical transformation.
Mónica C. Gonzalez and Enrique San Román: Environmental photochemistry in heterogeneous media.
Michael R. Hoffmann: Homogeneous and heterogenous photochemistry in the atmosphere.
Timothy J. Wallington and Ole J. Nielsen: Atmospheric photooxidation of gas phase air pollutants.
Gottfried Grabner and Claire Richard: Mechanisms of direct photolysis of biocides based on halogenated phenols and anilines.
Richard M. Pagni and Reza Dabestani: Recent developments in the environmental photochemistry of PAHs and PCBs in water and on solids.
Davide Vione, Valter Maurino, Claudio Minero and Ezio Pelizzetti: Reactions induced in natural waters by irradiation of nitrate and nitrite ions.
T. David Waite: Role of iron in the light-induced environmental processes.
Claire Richard and Silvio Canonica: Aquatic phototransformation of organic contaminants induced by coloured dissolved natural organic matter.
Marta I. Litter: Introduction to photochemical advanced oxidation processes for water treatment.
Peter K. J. Robertson, Detlef W. Bahnemann, Jeanette M. C. Robertson and Fiona Wood: Photocatalytic detoxification of water and air.
Hiroshi Erie and Kuzuhito Hashimoto: Photocatalytic active surfaces photo-induced high hydrophilicity / high hydrophobicity.
Colin Boxall, Guénaëlle Le Gurun, Robin J. Taylor and Shaorong Xiao: The applications of photocatalysis waste minimisation in nuclear fuel processing. Photochemical reactions play a major role in the environment including a wide range of reactions in the atmosphere, natural waters, soil and living organisms. This new volume on Environmental Photochemistry up-dates the previous edition with chapters on basic aspects including concepts of photochemical transformations and mechanistic photochemical processes in the atmosphere and water. In addition a range of applications are also detailed such as advanced photochemical oxidation processes for water and air treatment as well as applications of photocatalysis for surface treatment and nuclear fuel reprocessing. The new edition provides a critical up to date overview of the most important research in the field of environmental photochemistry.