Table of Contents

Environmentally induced displacement and the 1951 Refugee Convention : pathways to recognition / Bruce Burson.
Institutional barriers to the recognition and assistance of environmentally forced migrants / Chloe Anne Vlassopoulos.
What's in a name : social vulnerabilities and the refugee controversy in the wake of hurricane Katrina / François Gemenne.
Forced migration from sub-Saharan Africa : the conflict-environment link / Wim Naude.
Solastalgia : environmentally induced distress and migration among Africa's poor due to climate change / Petra Tschakert and Raymond Tutu.
Climate and migration : a synthesis / Etienne Piguet.
Forced migration of Alaskan indigenous communities due to climate change / Robin Bronen.
'Buscando la vida' : how do perceptions of increasingly dry weather affect migratory behaviour in Zacatecas, Mexico? / Kerstin Schmidt-Verkerk.
Environmental migration from rainfed regions in India forced by poor returns from watershed development projects / Kaushalya Ramachandran and Padmaja Susarla.
Migration to contaminated sites : migrants' settlements in Central and Eastern Europe built-in places with high environmental and social vulnerability / Richard Filčák.
Migration and natural hazards : is relocation a secondary disaster or an opportunity for vulnerability reduction? / Nishara Fernando, Koko Warner and Jörn Birkmann.
Guatemala : a review of historic and recent relocation processes provoked by disasters of natural origin / Yojana Miner Fuentes and Juan Carlos Villagrán de León.
Environmental factors in Mexican migration : the cases of Chiapas and Tlaxcala / Stefan Alscher.
Case study Senegal : environmental degradation and forced migration / Frauke Bleibaum.
The environmental root causes triggering economic migration : the case of Egypt / Tamer Afifi.
A country made for disasters : environmental vulnerability and forced migration in Bangladesh / Alice Poncelet ... [et al.].
In the land of ostriches : developmentalism, environmental degradation, and forced migration in Turkey / Zeynep Kadirbeyoglu.
Environmental migration : case of Kyrgyzstan / Emil Nasritdinov ... [et al.].
Linking the earth's future to migration : scenarios of environmental change and possible impacts on forced migration / Johannes Frühmann and Jill Jäger.