Table of Contents

General preparations for surgery.
Local anaesthesia.
General anaesthesia for ENT operations.
Postoperative management.
Reconstructive plastic surgery of the face.
Nasal surgery.
surgery of the paranasal sinuses and their adjacent structures.
Surgery of the epipharynx.
Surgery of the oral cavity and oropharynx.
Surgery of the larynx, hypopharynx, and trachea.
Surgery of the external neck.
Surgery of the esophagus and mediastinum.
Surgery of the salivary glands.
Surgery of the ear.
Surgery of the auricle and ear canal.
Surgery of the bony ear canal and tympanic membrane.
Surgical approaches, harvesting grafts, and implants.
Surgery of the mastoid process.
Surgery of the middle ear and facial nerve after trauma.
Stapes surgery.
Surgical treatment of vertigo.
Surgical implantation of hearing aids. This highly practical surgical guide presents detailed descriptions of the most established and important surgical techniques for the full range of ENT conditions. ...