Table of Contents

Communication with the mononuclear molybdoenzymes: emerging opportunities and applications in redox enzyme biosensors / Paul V. Bernhardt.
Scanning probe analyses at the bioelectronic interface / Jason J. Davis ... [et al.].
Electrical interfacing of redox enzymes with electrodes by the surface reconstitution of bioelectrocatalytic nanostructures / Itamar Willner, Ran Tel-Vered and Bilha Willner.
Single-wall carbon nanotube forests in biosensors / James F. Rusling ... [et al.].
Activating redox enzymes through immobilisation and wiring / H.A. Heering and G.W. Canters.
Cytochromes P450: tayloring a class of enzymes for biosensing / Vikash R. Dodhia and Gianfranco Gilardi.
Label free field effect protein sensing / Jan Tkac and Jason J. Davis.
Biological and clinical applications of protein Biosensors / Paul Ko Ferrigno.