Table of Contents

Introduction to biomaterials engineering and processing : an overview / S.H. Teoh.
Durability of metallic implant materials / M. Sumita and S.H. Teoh.
Corrosion of metallic implants / D.J. Blackwood, K.H.W. Seah and S.H. Teoh.
Surface modification of metallic biomaterials / T. Hanawa.
Biorestorative materials in dentistry / A.U.J. Yap.
Bioceramics : an introduction / B. Ben-Nissan and G. Pezzotti.
Polymeric hydrogels / J. Li.
Bioactive ceramic-polymer composites for tissue replacement / M. Wang.
Composites in biomedical applications / Z.M. Huang and S. Ramakrishna.
New methods and materials in prosthetics for rehabilitation of lower limb amputees / P.V.S. Lee.
Chitin-based biomaterials / E. Khor. The success of any implant or medical device depends very much on thebiomaterial used. Synthetic materials (such as metals, polymers andcomposites) have made significant contributions to many establishedmedical devices. The aim of this book is to provide a basicunderstanding on the engineering and processing aspects ofbiomaterials used in medical applications.