Table of Contents

EUS in the evaluation of pancreatic cysts / Ian D. Penman, Anne Marie Lennon.
EUS in bile duct, gallbladder, and ampullary lesions / Bertrand Napoleon ... [et al.].
How to perform anorectal EUS / Paul Fockens ... [et al.].
EUS in rectal cancer / Gavin C. Harewood.
Evaluation of anal sphincter by anal EUS / Steve Halligan.
How to perform EUS-guided FNA and biopsy / Anand V. Sahai, Sarto C. Paquin.
A cytology primer for endosonographers / Darshana Jhala, Nirag Jhala.
EUS-guided drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts / Hans Seifert, Shyam Varadarajulu.
EUS-guided drainage of the biliary and pancreatic ductal systems / Michael J. Levy.
EUS-guided ablation therapy and celiac plexus interventions / William R. Brugge.
EUS-guided drainage of pelvic abscesses / Shyam Varadarajulu. Principles of ultrasound / Joo Ha Hwang, Michael B. Kimmey.
Equipment / John Meenan, Charles Vu.
Training and simulators / Michael K. Sanders, Douglas O. Faigel.
Indications, preparation, risks, and complications / Faris Murad, Michael J. Levy, Mark Topazian.
How to perform EUS in the esophagus and mediastinum / Robert H. Hawes, Shyam Varadarajulu, Paul Fockens.
EUS and EBUS in non-small cell lung cancer / Jouke T. Annema, Klaus F. Rabe.
EUS in esophageal cancer / Mohamad A. Eloubeidi.
EUS in the evaluation of posterior mediastinal lesions / Thomas J. Savides.
How to perform EUS in the stomach / Robert H. Hawes, Shyam Varadarajulu, Paul Fockens.
Submucosal lesions / Eun Young (Ann) Kim.
EUS in the evaluation of gastric tumors / Thomas Rosch, Shajan Peter, Shyam Varadarajulu.
How to perform EUS in the pancreas, bile duct, and liver / Robert H. Hawes, Paul Fockens, Shyam Varadarajulu.
EUS in inflammatory disease of the pancreas / Joseph Romagnuolo.
EUS in pancreatic neoplasms / Mohammad Al-Haddad, John DeWitt. Endosonography-by Drs. Robert H. Hawes, Paul Fockens, and Shyam Varadarjulu-is a rich visual guide that covers everything you need to effectively perform EUS, interpret your findings, diagnose accurately, and choose the best treatment course. World-renowned endosonographers help beginners apply endosonography in the staging of cancers, evaluating chronic pancreatitis, and studying bile duct abnormalities and submucosal lesions. Practicing endosonographers can learn cutting-edge techniques for performing therapeutic interventions such as drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts and EUS-guided anti-tumor therapy. This updated 2nd edition features online access to the fully searchable text, videos detailing various methods and procedures, and more at You'll have a complete overview of all aspects of EUS, from instrumentation to therapeutic procedures. Gain a detailed visual understanding on how to perform EUS using illustrations and high-quality images. Understand the role of EUS with the aid of algorithms that define its place in specific disease states. Locate information quickly and easily through a consistent chapter structure, with procedures organized by body system.