Table of Contents

I : Mechanisms of Sepsis and Critical Illness.
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Severe Sepsis : Insights from Epigenetics / W.F. Carson IV and S.L. Kunkel.
The Neuroendocrine Axis : the Nervous System and Inflammation / K. Weismüller, M.A. Weigand, and S. Hofer.
The mHLA-DR System in the Critically Ill / A. Gouel, A. Lepape, and B. Allaouchiche.
Gut Microbiome and Host-defense Interactions during Critical Illness / T.J. Schuijt, T. van der Poll, and W.J. Wiersinga.
II : Metabolomics.
The Metabolomic Approach to the Diagnosis of Critical Illness / N. Nin, J.L. Izquierdo-García, and J.A. Lorente.
Metabolomics in Critically ill Patients : Focus on Exhaled Air / L.D.J. Bos, P.J. Sterk, and M.J. Schultz.
III : Sepsis Management.
Cardiovascular Effects of Norepinephrine in Septic Shock / X. Monnet and J.-L. Teboul.
Vasopressin Therapy in Septic Shock / S. Rehberg, M. Westphal, and C. Ertmer.
Antimicrobial Peptides and their Potential Application in Inflammation and Sepsis / T. Schuerholz, K. Brandenburg, and G. Marx.
Hypogammaglobulinemia in Sepsis / M. Päsler, S. Dietz, and K. Werdan.
Timing IgM Treatment in Sepsis : Is Procalcitonin the Answer? / Z. Molnár and J. Fogas.
Sepsis Stewardship Programs : Methods and Results / M. Girardis, S. Busani, and A. Pan.
IV : Endocrine Support.
The Corticotropin Test in Critical Illness : Traps and Tricks / B. Venkatesh and J. Cohen.
Glitazones : Could They Have a Rosy Future in Critical Care? / S.K.M. Marment, A.J. Semark, and P.S. Kruger.
V : Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.
The Complex Interaction Between Sepsis and Lung Injury / R. Herrero, I. Martin-Loeches, and A. Artigas.
Biomarkers of Acute Lung Injury / J.A. Lorente, N. Nin, and A. Esteban.
Role of the Renin-angiotensin System in ARDS / V. Zambelli, A. Grassi, and G. Bellani.
The Rise and Fall of q -Agonists in the Treatment of ARDS / C.R. Bassford, D.R. Thickett, and G.D. Perkins.
Repair after Acute Lung Injury : Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities / A. González-López and G.M. Albaiceta.
VI : Respiratory Support.
Non-invasive Ventilation Outside the ICU / G. Landoni, A. Zangrillo, and L. Cabrini.
Dyspnea in the Mechanically Ventilated Patient / A. Demoule, M. Schmidt, and T. Similowski.
How to Improve Oxygenation before Intubation in Patients at Risk / B. Jung, I. Azuelos, and S. Jaber.
Position and the Compromised Respiratory System / G.A. Cortes, D.J. Dries, and J.J. Marini.
VII : Pneumonia.
Severe Community-acquired Pneumonia / J. Vergragt, J. Kesecioglu, and D.W. de Lange.
Empiric Therapy for Gram-positive Bloodstream Infections and Pneumonia / M. Bassetti and G. Villa.
Oral Biofilms, Systemic Disease, and Pneumonia / M.P. Wise and D.W. Williams.
Novel Preventive Strategies for Ventilator-associated Pneumonia / A. Coppadoro, E.A. Bittner, and L. Berra.
Viral-associated Ventilator-associated Pneumonia / M. Esperatti, A. López-Giraldo, and A. Torres.
VIII Fungal Infections.
Early Recognition of Invasive Candidiasis in the ICU / P.-E. Charles, R. Bruyere, and F. Dalle.
Management of Invasive Candidiasis in the Critically Ill / J. Garnacho-Montero, A. Díaz-Martín, and J.A. Márquez-Vácaro.
Use of Antifungal Drugs during Continuous Hemofiltration Therapies / P.M. Honoré, R. Jacobs, and H.D. Spapen.
IX Hemodynamic Optimization : Guytonian Approach to the Circulation / H.D. Aya, A. Rhodes, and M. Cecconi.
Perioperative Hemodynamic Optimization : a Way to Individual Goals / J. Benes, R. Pradl, and I. Chytra.
Perioperative Goal-directed Therapy : Monitoring, Protocolized Care and Timing / M. Cecconi, C. Corredor, and A. Rhodes.
Blood Lactate Levels : a Manual for Bedside Use / J. Bakker and T.C. Jansen.
X Fluids and Blood Transfusion.
The Meaning of Fluid Responsiveness / R. Giraud, N. Siegenthaler, and K. Bendjelid.
Respiratory Variation in the Perioperative and Critical Care Settings / R.H. Thiele, J. Raphael, and A.D. Shaw.
Fluid Resuscitation : Think Microcirculation / S. Tanaka, A. Harrois, and J. Duranteau.
Human Albumin in the Management of Complications of Liver Cirrhosis / M. Bernardi, C. Maggioli, and G. Zaccherini.
The Ability of Red Blood Cell Transfusions to Reach the Microcirculation / K. Yuruk, R. Bezemer, and C. Ince.
Transfusion-related Pulmonary Complications / A.D. Goldberg, L. Clifford, and D.J. Kor.
XI : Pulmonary Edema.
Confounders in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Edema in Surgical Patients / F.Y. Lui, G. Luckianow, and L.J. Kaplan.
Neurogenic Pulmonary Edema / D.L. Davison, M. Terek, and L.S. Chawla.
XII : Emergencies.
Pre-hospital Resuscitative Interventions : Elemental or Detrimental / M.J. Lippmann, G.A. Salazar, and P.E. Pepe.
Afferent Limb of Rapid Response System Activation / J. Moore, M. Hravnak, and M.R. Pinsky.
Bradykinin-mediated Angioedema / B. Floccard, E. Hautin, and B. Allaouchiche.
XIII Cardiac Arrest.
Controlled Oxygenation after Cardiac Arrest / C.E. Hommers and J.P. Nolan.
Is There Still a Place for Vasopressors in the Treatment of Cardiac Arrest? / C. Sandroni, F. Cavallaro, and M. Antonelli.
Cerebral Blood Flow after Cardiac Arrest / L.L.A. Bisschops, C.W.E. Hoedemaekers, and J.G. van der Hoeven.
Post-resuscitation Care : What's Most Important for a Good Outcome? / P. Meybohm, J.-T. Graesner, and B. Bein.
XIV Pathogenesis of AKI.
Role of Leukocytes in the Pathogenesis of Acute Kidney Injury / G.R. Kinsey and M.D. Okusa.
Worsening Renal Function during Decompensated Heart Failure : the Cardio-abdomino-renal Syndrome / F.H. Verbrugge, W. Mullens, and M. Malbrain.
XV : Diagnosis of AKI.
Subclinical Damage in Acute Kidney Injury : a Novel Paradigm / S.M. Bagshaw and M. Haase.
A Troponin for the Kidney : Not There Yet / L.G. Forni, M. Ostermann, and B.J. Philips.
Possible Role of NGAL as an Early Renal Biomarker / S. Kokkoris, S. Nanas, and P. Andrews.
NGAL Curve for the Early Diagnosis of AKI in Heart Failure Patients / C. Ronco and B. Noland.
Urine Output and the Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury / J.R. Prowle and R. Bellomo.
XVI : Management of AKI.
Fluid Overload in Heart Failure and Cardiorenal Syndrome : the "5B" Approach / C. Ronco and W.F. Peacock.
Coupled Plasma Filtration-adsorption / G. Berlot, A. Tomasini, and A. Agbedjro.
XVII : Nutrition.
Best Timing for Energy Provision during Critical Illness / M.M. Berger and C. Pichard.
Pharmaconutrition with Selenium in ICU Patients / W. Manzanares, I. Hardy, and G. Hardy.
XVIII : Trauma.
A New Understanding of Coagulopathy in Trauma / M.C. Reade and A.D. Holley.
Diagnosis of Occult Bleeding in Polytrauma / F. Corradi, C. Brusasco, and P. Pelosi.
Mitochondrial Dysfunction after Traumatic Brain Injury / J. Sahuquillo, M.-A. Merino, and C. Airado.
The First 24 Hours after Severe Head Trauma / B. Vigué, C. Ract, and K. Tazarourte.
XIX : Neurological Aspects.
Brain Tissue Oxygen Monitoring in Neurocritical Care / P. Geukens and M. Oddo.
Quantitative EEG for the Detection of Brain Ischemia / B. Foreman and J. Claassen.
Transitory Vegetative State/unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome : Does it Exist? / M.-A. Bruno, D. Ledoux, and S. Laureys.
XX : Sedation.
Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Sedative Agents in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury / D.J. Roberts and D.A. Zygun.
'Cooperative Sedation' : Optimizing Comfort while Maximizing Systemic and Neurological Function / H.E. Goodwin, J.J. Lewin III, and M.A. Mirski.
XXI Management, Method and Morale.
Pre-hospital Care and Orientation of Critically Ill Geriatric Patients / J. Mantz, F.-X. Duchateau, and A. Burnod.
Total Rehabilitation of the Critically Ill / R.D. Griffiths, C. Jones, and A. Gilmore.
Psychological Burnout in Acute Care Medicine : "Physician Heal Thyself" / P.G. Brindley, B. Patel, and P.A. Farnan.
Designing a Safer Intensive Care Unit / M. Ferri and H.T. Stelfox.
Challenges in Implementing Evidence-based Medicine / A.C. Kajdacsy-Balla Amaral and G.D. Rubenfeld.