Table of Contents

The University of Chicago, 1948-52, 1954-55.
Athens, Rome, and Florence, 1952-54.
St. John's, 1955-57.
Harvard, 1957-60.
Brandeis, New York University, and the New School, 1960-2001.
From pattern to dynamic.
The "indeterminate dyad".
Eros and the city.
Philosophy and science.
Christianity and Roman writers. By turns wickedly funny and profoundly illuminating, 'Encounters and Reflections' presents a captivating and unconventional portrait of the life and works of Seth Benardete. One of the leading scholars of ancient thought, Benardete here reflects on both the people he knew and the topics that fascinated him throughout his career in a series of candid, freewheeling conversations with Robert Berman, Ronna Burger, and Michael Davis.