Table of Contents

The nature of emotional experiences.
Emotions in two dimensions.
Stress and the eyes of the beholder.
The effects of stress on the experience of emotions.
Positive emotions and mental health : are we chasing the rainbow?.
The role of positive emotions in health.
Emotional intelligences.
Attention and pain : the role of emotions.
Depression and anxiety : two frequent disturbances of emotion under stress.
Addiction and emotions.
Emotions abused.
Marriage and other close relationships : a two-dimensional look.
The quality of emotional life at work.
The preservation of quality of emotional life as we age.
The emotional community.
Some conclusions. In this original work, Alex Zautra offers a fresh approach to understanding how emotions and stress influence health. When we brave the emotional complexities within our lives, according to Zautra, we resolve many paradoxes that we face in understanding ourselves. When we ask ourselves, " Is my glass half empty or half full?" for instance, we seek a single answer to questions about the fullness of our lives. Doing so, we often overlook the obvious truth. The glass is both half empty and half full. Our emotional life is a rich tapestry of hope, woven from experiences with positive emotion, and fear, arising from encounters with negative emotion. With scholarship, wit and a wealth of data from carefully conducted research, Zautra presents a convincing case for understanding our emotions in two dimensions: the pursuit of the positive and defence against the negative.