Table of Contents

Lying and self-deception in health and disease / Charles V. Ford.
The social sharing of emotion : illusory and real benefits of talking about emotional experiences / Bernard Rimé, Gwénola Herbette and Susanna Corsini.
Theoretical mechanisms involved in disclosure : from inhibition to self-regulation / Melanie A. Greenberg and Stephen J. Lepore.
Emotion suppression and cardiovascular disease : is hiding feelings bad for your heart? / Iris B. Mauss and James J. Gross.
The Reality Escape Model : the intricate relation between alexithymia, dissociation, and anesthesia in victims of child sexual abuse / Peter Paul Moormann, Bob Bermond and Francine Albach.
Worry, perseverative thinking and health / Jos F. Brosschot and Julian F. Thayer.
Different concepts or different words? concepts related to non-expression of negative emotions / Bert Garssen and Margot Remie.
Alexithymia : 25 years of theory and research / Graeme J. Taylor.
Emotional intelligence and physical health / Alison Woolery and Peter Salovey.
The repressive coping style and avoidance of negative affect / Lynn B. Myers and Nazanin Derakshan. Psychological mindedness : a new index to assess a major emotion-focused coping style / Johan Denollet and Ivan Nyklíček.
The Stanford Emotional Self-efficacy Scale.
cancer : reliability, validity, and generalizability / Janine Giese-Davis [and others].
Attachment representation and affect regulation : current findings of attachment research and their relevance for psychosomatic medicine / Carl Eduard Scheidt and Elisabeth Waller.
Children's conception of the emotion process : consequences for emotion regulation / Hedy Stegge [and others].
Emotional information processing in boys with disruptive behavior disorders / Bram Orobio de Castro, Willem Koops and Mark Meerum Terwogt.
Crying, catharsis, and health / Suzanne Stougie, Ad Vingerhoets and Randolph R. Cornelius.
Femininity, masculinity and the riddle of crying / Agneta H. Fischer [and others].
The heart of the actor : let it all out or keep a healthy distance? / Elly A. Konijn.
Non-expression of emotion and self among members of socially stigmatized groups : implications for physical and mental health / Janel D. Sexton and James W. Pennebaker. Emotional Expression and Health covers the major themes that are important for gaining insight into the role emotional expression and inhibition may play in staying healthy or falling ill.