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Preface; Contents; Contributors; 1 Systemic Therapy for Ovarian Cancer, Current Treatment, Recent Advances, and Unmet Needs; 2 Discovery of Novel Targets; 3 Novel Anti-angiogenic Therapies in Ovarian Cancer; 4 Targeting the AKT Pathway in Ovarian Cancer; 5 Inhibition of the Src Oncogene: Therapeutic PotentialINTbreak; in Ovarian Carcinoma; 6 Tumour-Specific Synthetic Lethality: Targeting BRCA Dysfunction in Ovarian Cancer; 7 Targeting Inflammatory Pathways in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer. This book offers a progress report on efforts to meet the challenges faced by ovarian cancer patients and their doctors. It provides a current perspective on therapeutic developments as a partnership between laboratory-based and clinical-based researchers.