Table of Contents

Diagnosis and management of bacterial and viral meningitis / Maxwell S. Damian.
Encephalitis : presentation and management / Ali E. Elsayed and Barnett R. Nathan.
Practical management of Guillain Barré syndrome and myasthenic crisis / Alejandro A. Rabinstein.
Metabolic encephalopathies / Edward M. Manno.
Delirium and sedation in the ICU / Jennifer A. Frontera.
Neurologic complications of cardiac surgery / Cathy Sila.
Neurological complications of medical illness : critical illness neuropathy and myopathy / Edward M. Manno.
Hypothermia : application and use in neurocritical care / Edward M. Manno.
Etiologies of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome and forms of osmotic demyelination syndrome / J. Javier Provencio.
Application of MR diffusion, CT angiography, and perfusion imaging in stroke neurocritical care / Carlos Leiva-Salinas, Wade Smith, and Max Wintermark.
Advanced monitoring of brain oxygenation and metabolism / Bharath R. Naravetla and J. Claude Hemphill III. Front Matter.
Supplemental Images.
Acute Management of Neurological Emergencies. Hypertensive Emergency / Laurie McWilliams.
Airway Management in the Neurological and Neurosurgical Patient / Michael J Souter.
Traumatic Brain Injury and Intracranial Hypertension / Iain J McCullagh, Peter J D Andrews.
Critical Care Management of Acute Spinal Cord Injury / Edward M Manno.
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage / Muhammad A Taqi, Michel T Torbey.
Acute Management of Cerebral Ischemia / Leonid Groysman, Gene Sung.
Neurocritical Care of Intracerebral Hemorrhage / James M Gebel.
Acute Management of Status Epilepticus / Jan Claassen.
Cerebrovascular Critical Care. Post-Procedural Management of Patients with Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage / Tomoko Rie Sampson, Michael N Diringer.
Care of the Neurointerventional Patient in the Neurointensive Care Unit / Rishi Gupta.
New Treatment Strategies in the Management of Large Hemispheric Strokes and Intracerebral Hemorrhages / Edward M Manno.
Presentation and Management of Acute Cerebral Venous Thrombosis / Patr̕cia Canĥo, Još M Ferro.
Infections of the Nervous System. Infections in the Neurocritical Care Unit / Denise H Rhoney, Karen J McAllen, Dennis Parker.
Diagnosis and Management of Bacterial and Viral Meningitis / Maxwell S Damian.
Encephalitis: Presentation and Management / Ali E Elsayed, Barnett R Nathan.
Neuromuscular Complications Encountered in the Intensive Care Unit. Practical Management of Guillain₆Barř Syndrome and Myasthenic Crisis / Alejandro A Rabinstein.
Neurological Complications and Consultations in General Intensive Care Units. Metabolic Encephalopathies / Edward M Manno.
Delirium and Sedation in the ICU / Jennifer A Frontera.
Neurologic Complications of Cardiac Surgery / Cathy Sila.
Neurological Complications of Medical Illness: Critical Illness Neuropathy and Myopathy / Edward M Manno.
Hypothermia: Application and Use in Neurocritical Care / Edward M Manno.
Etiologies of Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome and Forms of Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome / J Javier Provencio.
Acute Neuroimaging and Neuromonitoring in Neurocritical Care. Application of MR Diffusion, CT Angiography and Perfusion Imaging in Stroke Neurocritical Care / Carlos Leiva-Salinas, Wade Smith, Max Wintermark.
Advanced Monitoring of Brain Oxygenation and Metabolism / Bharath R Naravetla, J Claude Hemphill.
Index. Hypertensive emergency / Laurie McWilliams.
Airway management in the neurological and neurosurgical patient / Michael J. Souter.
Traumatic brain injury and intracranial hypertension / Iain J. McCullagh and Peter J.D. Andrews.
Critical care management of acute spinal cord injury / Edward M. Manno.
Subarachnoid hemorrhage / Muhammad A. Taqi and Michel T. Torbey.
Acute management of cerebral ischemia / Leonid Groysman and Gene Sung.
Neurocritical care of intracerebral hemorrhage / James M. Gebel Jr..
Acute management of status epilepticus / Jan Claassen.
Post-procedural management of patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage / Tomoko Rie Sampson and Michael N. Diringer.
Care of the neurointerventional patient in the neurointensive care unit / Rishi Gupta.
New treatment strategies in the management of large hemispheric strokes and intracerebral hemorrhages / Edward M. Manno.
Presentation and management of acute cerebral venous thrombosis / Patrícia Canhão and José M. Ferro.
Infections in the neurocritical care unit / Denise H. Rhoney, Karen J. McAllen, and Dennis Parker --