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"This brand new title provides a highly illustrated introduction to key embryological concepts, with concise, memorable descriptions of major embryological developments. Embryology at a Glance introduces the basic principles of human development, from mitosis and meiosis, and walks you through the primary formation of each body system, with coverage of the continued development of the respiratory and vascular systems during the foetal and neonatal periods. Fully geared towards the medical school curriculum, the coverage of major steps in human development allows a better understanding of adult anatomy, development-associated conditions, congenital abnormalities and their treatments. Embryology at a Glance: -Features full colour photographs and illustrations, including 3-dimensional illustrations where appropriate, and full labels -Offers 'one-stop' coverage of the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, urinary, endocrine and digestive systems -Highlights clinical correlations throughout -Includes timelines so you won't lose sight of the temporal aspect of embryology -Includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Extended Matching questions (EMQs) for revision and review.".