Table of Contents

Physics and mathematics of electroporation / Alessandro Porrello, Andrea Giansanti.
Technical aspects of electrochemotherapy / Ivan Dotsinsky, Nicolay Mudrov, Tsvetan Mudrov.
Non-thermal irreversible electroporation for tissue ablation / Paulo A. Garcia, Robert E. Neal II, Rafael V. Davalos.
Microfluidics for electroporation / Michelle Khine.
Mechanisms of microorganism inactivation by pulsed electric fields / Gintautas Saulis.
Electrochemical processes occuring during cell electromanipulation procedures / Gintautas Saulis.
Ultrastructural modifications induced by electroporation in vivo and in vitro / Agnese Molinari, Giuseppe Arancia, Enrico P Spugnini.
Electroporation in bacteria / Maria Papagianni.
Electroporation of plant cells / Aleandro Araya.
Anti-tumoral effects of pulsed low electric field enhanced chemotherapy : lessons from experimental malignant tumors / Yona Keisari, Rafi Korenstein.
Electrogenetherapy: electrogene transfer using low field strength / Feng Liu, Amber Frick, Jue Wang.
Electroporation : treating mice or men? / Angela M. Bodles-Brakhop, Ruxandra Draghia-Akli.
Electrochemotherapy in veterinary oncology part i : solid tumors / Enrico P. Spugnini, Gennaro Citro, Alfonso Baldi.
Electrochemotherapy in veterinary oncology part ii : round cell tumors / Enrico P. Spugnini, Alfonso Baldi, Gennaro Citro.
Histopathological analysis of canine and feline cancer treated with electrochemotherapy / Alfonso Baldi [and others].
Clinical application of electrochemotherapy : an adjunct to surgery / Mira Sadadcharam [and others].
Electroporation in chronic lymphocytic leukemia / Femke Van Bockstaele [and others].
Future developments in electroporation : recombinant clostridia as viable and targeted tumour therapeutics / Tam H Nguyen [and others].