Table of Contents

Executive summary.
Part 1. Panel report. 1. Introduction.
2. Concepts, definitions, and guidelines for measurement.
3. A theoretical model of elder mistreatment.
4. The occurrence of elder mistreatment.
5. Risk factors for elder mistreatment.
6. Screening and case identification in clinical settings.
7. Evaluating interventions.
8. Research ethics.
9. Moving forward.
Appendix A. Elder mistreatment measures and studies.
Appendix B. Analysis of elder abuse and neglect definitions under state law / Lora Flattum Hamp.
Appendix C. Elder abuse and neglect : history and concepts / Rosalie Wolf.
Appendix D. Biographical sketches.
Part 2. Background papers. 10. Elder mistreatment : epidemiological assessment methodology / Ron Acierno.
11. Ethical and policy issues in research on elder abuse and neglect / Rebecca Dresser.
12. The clinical and medical forensics of elder abuse and neglect / Carmel Bitondo Dyer, Marie-Therese Connolly, and Patricia McFeeley.
13. Financial abuse of the elderly in domestic settings / Thomas L. Hafemeister.
14. Elder abuse in residential long-term care settings : what is known and what information is needed? / Catherine Hawes.
15. Elder abuse intervention : lessons from child abuse and domestic violence initiatives / David A. Wolfe.