Table of Contents

Oxygen and Proterozoic evolution : an update / Andrew H. Knoll and Heinrich D. Holland.
Impact of late Ordovician glaciation-deglaciation on marine life / W.B.N. Berry, M.S. Quinby-Hunt, and P. Wilde.
Global change leading to biodiversity crisis in a greenhouse world : the Cenomanian-Turonian(Cretaceous) mass extinction / Earle G. Kauffman.
Cretaceous-Tertiary (K/T) mass extinction : effect of global change on Calcareous microplankton / Gerta Keller and Katharina v. Salis Perch-Nielsen.
Terminal Paleocene mass extinction in the deep sea : association with global warming / James P. Kennett and Lowell D. Stott.
Tropical climate stability and implications for the distribution of life / Eric J. Barron.
Neogene ice age in the North Atlantic region : climatic changes, biotic effects, and forcing factors / Steven M. Stanley and William F. Ruddiman.
The response of hierarchically structured ecosystems to long-term climatic change : a case study using tropical peat swamps of Pennsylvanian age / William A. DiMichele and Tom L. Phillips.
The late Cretaceous and Cenozoic history of vegetation and climate at northern and southern high latitudes : a comparison / Rosemary A. Askin and Robert A. Spicer.
The impact of climatic changes on the development of the Australian flora / David C. Christophel.
Global climatic influence on Cenozoic land mammal faunas / S. David Webb and Neil D. Opdyke.
Biotic responses to temperature and salinity changes during last deglaciation, Gulf of Mexico / Benjamin P. Flower and James P. Kennett.
Pollen records of late Quaternary vegetation change : plant community rearrangements and evolutionary implications / Thompson Webb III.
Climatic forcing and the origin of the human genus / Steven M. Stanley.