Table of Contents

Contextual narrative: the Freiburg phenomenology workshop, 1925-1938.
Orientation I: phenomenology beyond the preliminary.
Orientation II: who is phenomenology? Husserl--Heidegger?.
Fundamental thematics I: the world.
Fundamental thematics ii: time.
Fundamental thematics III: life and spirit, and entry into the meontic.
Critical-systematic core: the mentic--in methodology and in the recasting of metaphysics.
Corollary thematics I: language.
Corollary thematics II: solitude and community--intersubjectivity.
Beginning again after the end of the Freiburg phenomenology workshop, 1938-1946. Eugen Fink was Edmund Husserl's research assistant during the last decade of the renowned phenomenologist's life, a period in which Husserl's philosophical ideas were radically recast. This book shows that Fink was actually a collaborator with Husserl, contributing indispensable elements to their common enterprise. Drawing on hundreds of notes and drafts by Fink, it highlights the scope and depth of his theories and critiques and places these philosophical formulations in their historical setting.