Table of Contents

Obesity and diabetes : the roles that prices and policies play / Inas Rashad.
Advances in bariatric surgery for obesity : laparoscopic surgery / William E. Encinosa, Didem M. Bernard, Claudia A. Steiner.
One pill makes you smaller : the demand for anti-obesity drugs / John Cawley, John A. Rizzo.
Obesity, employment and wages in Europe / Jaume Garcia, Climent Quintana-Domeque.
Obesity and occupational attainment among the 50+ of Europe / Petter Lundborg, Kristian Bolin, Sören Höjgård, Björn Lindgren.
Access to fast food and food prices : relationship with fruit and vegetable consumption and overweight among adolescents / Lisa M. Powell, M. Christopher Auld, Frank J. Chaloupka, Patrick M. OMalley, Lloyd D. Johnston.
Gender, body mass, and socioeconomic status : new evidence from the PSID / Dalton Conley, Rebecca Glauber.
Health insurance and the obesity externality / Jay Bhattacharya, Neeraj Sood.
Endogenous food quality and bodyweight trend / Liqun Liu, Andrew J. Rettenmaier, Thomas R. Saving.
Obesity, hospital services use and costs / Nana Bro Folmann, Kristine Skovgaard Bossen, Ingrid Willaing, Jan Sørensen, John Sahl Andersen, Steen Ladelund, Torben Jørgensen.
How much does obesity matter? Results from the 2001 Canadian Community Health Survey / William MacMinn, James McIntosh, Caroline Yung.
A behavioral model of cyclical dieting / Steven M. Suranovic, Robert S. Goldfarb.
Effects of Title IX and sports participation on girls' physical activity and weight / Robert Kaestner, Xin Xu.
Introduction to the economics of obesity / Kristian Bolin, John Cawley.