Table of Contents

Estimating dynamic random effects models from panel data covering short time periods / Alok Bhargava, J.D. Sargan.
Wald tests and systems of stochastic equations ; Identification and panel data models with endogenous regressors / Alok Bhargava.
Serial correlation and the fixed effects model / Alok Bhargava, L. Franzini, W. Narendranathan.
Estimating short and long run income elasticities of foods and nutrients for rural south India / Alok Bhargava.
Does household consumption behave as a martingale? A test for rural south India / Alok Bhargava, Martin Ravallion.
Dietary intakes and socioeconomic factors are associated with the hemoglobin concentration of Bangladeshi women / Alok Bhargava, Howarth E. Bouis, Nevin S. Scrimshaw.
Malnutrition and the role of individual variation with evidence from India and the Philippines ; Nutritional status and the allocation of time in Rwandese households / Alok Bhargava.
Requirements for what? Is the measurement of energy expenditure a sufficient estimate of energy needs? / Alok Bhargava, Peter J. Reeds.
Modelling the health of Filipino children ; Modelling the effects of nutritional and socioeconomic factors on the growth and morbidity of Kenyan school children / Alok Bhargava.
Coliforms in the water and hemoglobin concentration are predictors of gastrointestinal morbidity of Bangladeshi children ages 1-10 years / Alok Bhargava, Howarth E. Bouis, Kelly Hallman, Bilqis A. Hoque.
Modeling the effects of maternal nutritional status and socioeconomic variables on the anthropometric and psychological indicators of Kenyan infants from age 0-6 months ; A dynamic model for the cognitive development of Kenyan schoolchildren / Alok Bhargava.
Anthelmintic treatment improves the hemoglobin and serum ferritin concentration of Tanzanian schoolchildren / Alok Bhargava, Matthew Jukes, Jane Lambo, C.M. Kihamia, W. Lorri, Catherine Nodes, Leslie Drake, Donald Bundy.
Modeling the effects of health stats and the educational infrastructure on the cognitive development of Tanzanian schoolchildren / Alok Bhargava, Matthew Jukes, Damaris Ngorosho, Charles Khilma, Donald A.P. Bundy.
AIDS epidemic and the psychological well-being and school participation of Ethiopian orphans / Alok Bhargava.
Stochastic specification and the international GDP series / Alok Bhargava.
Modeling the effects of health on economic growth / Alok Bhargava, Dean T. Jamison, Lawrence J. Lae, Christopher J.L. Murray.
A longitudinal analysis of infant and child mortality rates in developing countries / Alok Bhargava, Jiang Yu.
Family planning, gender differences and infant mortality : evidence from Uttar Pradesh, India / Alok Bhargava.
Healthcare infrastructure, contraceptive use and infant mortality in Uttar Pradesh, India / Alok Bhargava, Sadia Chowdhury, K.K. Singh.
Estimating the variations and autocorrelations in dietary intakes on weekdays and weekends / Alok Bhargava, Ronald Forthofer, Susie McPherson, Milton Nichaman.
Behavioral variables and education are predictors of dietary change in the women's health trial : feasibility study in minority populations / Alok Bhargava, Jennifer Hays.
Socio-economic and behavioural factors are predictors of food use in the national food stamp program survey / Alok Bhargava.
Unhealthy eating habits, physical exercise and macronutrient intakes are predictors of anthropometric indicators in the women's health trial : feasibility study in minority populations / Alok Bhargava, Joanne F. Guthrie. This book is a compendium of Alok Bhargava's most important contributions in longitudinal econometric methods and its application to problems of food, nutrition and health. It demonstrates the usefulness of rigorous econometric and statistical methods in addressing issues of under-nutrition and poor child health in developing countries, as well as obesity in developed countries. The close connection between the issues and themes analyzed in disciplines such as economics, nutrition, psychology, demography, epidemiology and public health, provides a sound basis for the formulation of public policies.