Table of Contents

Introduction: Understanding the Complexities of Eating, Drinking, and Surviving.
Globalization and Malnutrition: Geographical Perspectives on Its Paradoxes.
Drinking Water.
The Politics and Consequences of Virtual Water Export.
Integrated Water Resources Management as a New Approach to Water Security.
Surviving as an Unequal Community: WASH for Those on the Margins.
Challenges to Food Security in a Changing World.
Moral Economies of Food in the Socialist/Post-socialist World.
The Nutrition Transition in Developing Asia: Dietary Change, Drivers and Health Impacts. Food Sovereignty and the Possibilities for an Equitable, Just and Sustainable Food System.
Food Security and Food Waste. This publication addresses the global challenges of food and water security in a rapidly changing and complex world. The essays highlight the links between bio-physical and socio-cultural processes, making connections between local and global scales, and focusing on the everyday practices of eating and drinking, essential for human survival. Written by international experts, each contribution is research-based but accessible to the general public.