Table of Contents

List of Figures; Acknowledgements; About the author; Map of Book; Introduction; 1 Developing an Understanding of Dyslexia; 2 A Dyslexia-Friendly Focus; 3 Dyslexia-Friendly Perspectives; 4 The Family View; 5 The Dyslexia-Friendly Initiative and the Local Authority (LA); 6 From the Dyslexia-Friendly Local Authority (LA) to the Dyslexia-Friendly School; 7 From the Dyslexia-Friendly School to the Dyslexia-Friendly Classroom; 8 Conclusion: Ways Forward; References; Index; Beginning with a look at understanding dyslexia, this book shows how to involve the whole school in order to achieve a dyslexia-friendly environment. It includes: -an audit tool to discover how dyslexia-friendly a school is -examples of successful dyslexia-friendly initiatives -advice on funding and resources. This book offers a step-by-step guide to creating a dyslexia-friendly classroom and whole-school environment.