Table of Contents

Introduction / Michael J Barratt, Donald E Frail.
Drug Repositioning: Business Case, Strategies, and Operational Considerations. Drug Repositioning: The Business Case and Current Strategies to Repurpose Shelved Candidates and Marketed Drugs / John Arrowsmith, Richard Harrison.
Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Developing Additional Indications for Clinical Development Candidates and Marketed Drugs / Donald E Frail, Michael J Barratt.
Clinical and Operational Considerations in Repositioning Marketed Drugs and Drug Candidates / Damian O'connell, David J Sequeira, Maria L Miller.
Regulatory Considerations and Strategies for Drug Repositioning / Ken Phelps.
Application of Technology Platforms to Uncover New Indications and Repurpose Existing Drugs. Computational and Bioinformatic Strategies for Drug Repositioning / Richard Mazzarella, Craig Webb.
Mining Scientific and Clinical Databases to Identify Novel Uses for Existing Drugs / Christos Andronis, Anuj Sharma, Spyros Deftereos, Vassilis Virvilis, Ourania Konstanti, Andreas Persidis, Aris Persidis.
Predicting the Polypharmacology of Drugs: Identifying New Uses through Chemoinformatics, Structural Informatics, and Molecular Modeling-Based Approaches / Li Xie, Sarah L Kinnings, Lei Xie, Philip E Bourne.
Systematic Phenotypic Screening for Novel Synergistic Combinations: A New Paradigm for Repositioning Existing Drugs / Margaret S Lee.
Phenotypic Screening to Identify New, Unpredicted Indications for Existing Drugs and Drug Candidates / Michael S Saporito, Christopher A Lipinski, Andrew G Reaume.
Old Drugs Yield New Discoveries: Examples from the Prodrug, Chiral Switch, and Site-Selective Deuteration Strategies / Adam J Morgan, Bhaumik A Pandya, Craig E Masse, Scott L Harbeson.
Academic and Nonprofit Initiatives and the Role of Alliances in the Drug Repositioning Industry. Repurposing Drugs for Tropical Diseases: Case Studies and Open-Source Screening Initiatives / Curtis R Chong.
Drug Repositioning Efforts by Nonprofit Foundations / Donald E Frail, Louis Degennaro, Aaron Schimmer, James Kasper, Richard Winneker, Todd B Sherer, Alison Urkowitz, Kuldip D Dave, Jill Panetta, John McCall.
Business Development Strategies in the Repositioning Industry / Aris Persidis, Elizabeth T Stark.
A Case Study in Drug Repositioning: Sosei / Akinori Mochizuki, Makiko Aoyama.
Appendix: Additional Drug Repositioning Resources and Links.