Table of Contents

Introduction to Drug-Drug Interactions.
Mechanisms of Drug Interactions I: Absorption, Metabolism, and Excretion.
Mechanisms of Drug Interactions II: Transport Proteins.
Drug-Food Interactions.
Interactions Between Herbs and Antiinfective Medications.
Drug-Cytokine Interactions.
Beta-Lactam Antibiotics.
Macrolides, Azalides, and Ketolides.
Glycopeptides, Lipopeptides, and Lipoglycopeptides.
Miscellaneous Antibiotics.
Drugs for Tuberculosis.
Drug Interactions with Antiretrovirals for HIV Infection.
Non-HIV Antiviral Agents.
Antifungal Agents.
Antimalarial Agents.
Antiprotozoal and Anthelmintic Agents.
Drug Interaction Considerations Throughout Drug Development.
Probe Cocktail Studies.
Design and Data Analysis in Drug Interaction Studies.