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Cover; Copyright; Contents; Acknowledgements; Note concerning the Translation; Series Editor's Preface; Introduction; Chapter 1 Many Madnesses; Chapter 2 The Symptoms of Madness; Chapter 3 The Madman on the Road; Chapter 4 The Madman at Home and among Friends; Chapter 5 Madness, the Mind and the Novel; Chapter 6 Madness, Authority and the Novel; Epilogue (Second Sally); Bibliography; Index. A new reading of madness in Don Quixote based on archival accounts of insanity. From the records of the Spanish Inquisition, Dale Shuger presents a social corpus of early modern madness that differs radically from the 'literary' madness previously studied. Drawing on over 100 accounts of insanity defences, many of which contain statements from a wide social spectrum - housekeepers, nieces, doctors, and barbers - as well as the testimonies of the alleged madmen and women themselves, Shuger argues that Cervantes' exploration of madness as experience is intimately linked to the questions about eth.