Table of Contents

Children and young people : voices in visual research / Pat Thomson.
"Play in focus" : children's visual voice in participative research / Catherine Burke.
Creatively researching children's narratives through images and drawings / Ruth Leitch.
Visual methods and policy research / Julianne Moss.
Teaching children to use visual research methods / Kaye Johnson.
Gender and bing "bad" : inner-city students' photographs / Marisol Clark-Ibáñez.
"Scrapbooks" as a resource in media research with young people / Sara Bragg, David Buckingham.
Using video diaries to investigate learner trajectories : research the "unknown unknowns" / Andrew Noyes.
Dialogues with artists : analysing children's self-portraits / Pat Thomson, Christine Hall.
Seeing beyond violence : visual research applied to policy and practice / Rob Walker, Barbara Schratz, Peter Egg.
Being "seen" being "heard" : engaging with students on the margins of education through participatory photography / Ian Kaplan.
"Voice" and video : seen, heard and listened to? / Kaye Haw.
Appendix : Finding out more / Pat Thomson.