Table of Contents

Introduction: documents of life and critical humanism in a narrative and biographical frame / Liz Stanley. Pt. I : After the posts: reconceiving methods and methodologies. Lies and truths: exploring the lie as a document of life / Clair Morrow. Critical humanist thoughts on the Burnett Archive of working class autobiography ... / Claire Lynch. The essential subject? The very documented life Myra Hindley / Helen Pleasance. Whites writing: letters and documents of life in a QLR Project / Liz Stanley. Pt. II : On tellings and retellings: analysing stories, audiences and constructed lives. The diarists' audience / Sally Fincher. Someone telling something to someone about something? Stories in Olive Schreiner's letters and Nella Last's diary / Andrea Salter. Between diary and memoir : documenting a life in wartime Britain / Cate Watson. Forgotten memories? Silence, reason, truth and the carnival / Heather Blenkinstop. Dear Mrs President: children's letters to the President of Finland as documents of life / Ulla-Maija Salo. Pt. III : The ordinary, virtual, untimely, sacred: critical humanist knowledge-making. Identifying the quotidian in the heterotopic universe of Olive Schreiner's letters / Helen Dampier. Documents of life and the undead: online postmortem photographs and criticical humanist ethics / Sue Wise. Writing water: an untimely academic novella / Mona Livholts. Everything speaks: a multidimensional approach to researching the Lithuanian Jewish past / Shivaun Woolfson. Stories and storied lives: a manifesto. A manifesto for social stories / Ken Plummer.