Table of Contents

Section I. Research, Studies and Projects. 1. Special Educational Needs and Early Childhood Practitioners in an Irish Context ; 2. Language Issues and Preschool Education in Kenya : A Reflection on Diversity, Challenges and Remedies ; 3. Training Innovative Preschool Students through an ICT Project : A Case Study from Turkey.
Section II. Approaches and Methods. 4. Inclusionary Education in Early Years through the Use of Persona Dolls : A Case from Greece ; 5. Effective Pedagogy for Inclusive Education : The Role of Mediated Learning Experience ; 6. Teaching Ethical Values to Preschool Children.
Section III. Educational Frameworks, Curricula and Models ; 7. Theory and Practice of Inclusive Education in Hungary ; 8. Multicultural Umbrella Model: Six Cs for Successful Integration.
Section IV. Literature Review Evidence and Considerations ; 9. Cross-Disability Approach to Inclusion of Children ; 10. Young Children with Disabilities in India : Essential Competencies of Early Childhood Educators.
Conclusion. Instead of segregating children with special needs from the rest, Diversity, Special Needs, and Inclusion in Early Years Education argues for inclusiveness in educational institutions, through changes in curriculum and teaching methods. The book presents case studies from various countries as well as theoretical frameworks, models, approaches and projects on diversity and inclusion to effective implementation of programmes and practices for young children. Each chapter of the book has a unique contribution to understanding the aspects of inclusive education taken from international experience. T.