Table of Contents

1. Introduction. Setting 'the scene'.
Central concerns and theoretical orientations.
A road map for the study. 2. Hip hop culture and authenticity. Hip hop culture.
The ideological topography of (hip hop) Finland.
Authenticity in hip hop culture. 3. The set-up of the study. Aims and methods.
The artists.
Data and their collection and selection.
Researcher's role and position. 4. Finnish hip hop as a scale-level. Introduction.
Central concepts : resources, repertoire, scales.
The hip hop 'trial' - Cheek, 'Messiah' and global authenticity.
The minority claiming voice - Pyhimys, Finland-Swedes and national authenticity.
The vanishing/emerging supermarginality - Stepa, Sodankylä and local authenticity.
Conclusions and theoretical reflections. 5. Fractal scalarity withing Finnish hip hop. Introduction.
Central concepts : polycentricity, centers, margins, peripheries.
Centers and margins.
The best and the rest.
Conclusions and theoretical reflections. 6. Discussions and conclusions. Autenttisuuden diskursiivinen rakentuminen : resurssit, skaalat ja polysentrisyys suomalaisessa hiphop-kulttuurissa.