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Cover; Contents; Beverley Adab / Albrecht Neubert, Birmingham, Hartenstein: Preface; Christina Schäffner: Publications; Gregory M. Shreve, Kent: The Discourses of Translation: An Introduction; Mary Snell-Hornby, Vienna: Metaphor As Metalanguage: On The Trials And Tribulations Of Terminology In Translation Studies.; Andrew Chesterman, Helsinki: Reservations Concerning The Explanatory Power Of Norms; Kirsten Malmkjaer, Leicester: What's The Point Of Universals, Then?; Albrecht Neubert, Hartenstein: Breadth And Uniqueness In Translation Studies: Generality And Specifics Of Translation Processes. Ahmad Ayyad / Anthony Pym, Birmingham, Tarragona: Translator Interventions in Middle-East Peace Initiatives. Detours in the Roadmap?Paul Chilton / Hongyan Zhang, Lancaster, Wuhan: Criticism across Cultures: Critical Discourse Analysis in China and the West; Chantal Gagnon, Montreal: Speeches In Translation: A Canadian Context; Franz Pöchhacker, Vienna: Obama's Rhetoric In German: A Case Study Of Inaugural Address; Marilyn Gaddis Rose, Binghamton: A Translator's Agenda: Seamus Heaney and Buile Suibhne ("Sweeney Astray"). Christiane Nord, Heidelberg: "You Can Say You To Me".
Organizing Relationships In Literary TranslationMichaela Wolf, Graz: "At The Centre Of The Female Inferno".
Elfriede Jelinek's Novel ""Lust"" In English Translation; Paul Kussmaul, Landau: How To Be Truly Faithful -The Translation Of Social Surveys; Candace Séguinot, Toronto: Questions of Learning Objectives in Translator Training; Miriam Shlesinger / Tanya Voinova, Ramat Gan: Self-Perception of Female Translators and Interpreters in Israel; Peter A. Schmitt: CIUTI, Bologna, EMT.
Approaches towards better T & I quality.