Table of Contents

Discourse Patterns in Spoken and Written Corpora; Editorial page; Title page; LCC page; Contents; List of contributors; Discourse patterns in spoken and written corpora; I. Cohesion and coherence; II. Metadiscourse and discourse markers; III. Text and information structure; IV. Metaphor and text; Index of names; Index of terms; The PRAGMATICS AND BEYOND NEW SERIES; This book brings together a number of empirical studies that use corpora to study discourse patterns in speech and writing. It explores new trends in the area of text and discourse characterized by the alliance between text linguistics and areas such as corpus linguistics, genre analysis, literary stylistics and cross-linguistic studies. The contributions to the volume show how established corpora can be used to ask a number of new questions about the interface between speech and writing, the relation between grammar and discourse, academic discourse, cohesive markers, stylistic devices such a.