Table of Contents

Curriculum vitae / John W.M. Verhaar.
Diathesis: The Middle, Particularly in West-Germanic / Werner Abraham.
How many Transitivisers are in Kope? / John M. Clifton.
Complement Clauses versus Relative Clauses: Some Khmer Evidence / Bernard Comrie and Kaoru Horie.
The two Prototypes of Ditransitive Verbs: The Indonesian Evidence / Bambang Purwo Kaswanti.
The Assertion of High Subjective Certainty. Mufian (Papua New Guinea) Oral Narratives / Robert J. Conrad and Joshua Lukas.
On the German werden Future / Bernd Heine.
The Category 'Event' in Natural Discourse and Logic / Paul J. Hopper.
The Category 'S' in English Conversation / Barbara A. Fox.
A Semantic Basis for Grammatical Typology / Anna Wierzbicka.
Grammatical Signs of the Divided Self. A Study of Language and Culture / John Haiman.
Language and Culture of Inner Asia's Borderland / Charles N. Li.
Multifunctionality and the Realization Problem in Modelling Discourse Production / Susanna Cumming. This volume combines papers selected for their affinity with work on discourse analysis and language typology. The methodological platform is the authors' conviction that all linguistic work needs to be empirical in the sense that (1) generalizations are to be made on the basis of spoken texts in larger contexts, (2) generalizations are correct only as long as pertinent linguistic material does not contradict them, and (3) that linguistic categories and rules are of a temporal nature. In this sense, the contributions represent 'functional typological' comparison, often of languages not frequen.