Table of Contents

Moi je ne sais pas vs. Je ne sais pas moi : French disjoint pronouns in the left vs. right periphery / Ulrich Detges and Richard Waltereit.
Motivations for meaning shift at the left and right periphery : well, bon and hao / Kate Beeching and Yu-Fang Wang.
On the function of the epistemic adverbs surely and no doubt at the left and right peripheries of the clause / Elizabeth Closs Traugott.
Setting up a mental space : a function of discourse markers at the left periphery (LP) and some observations about LP and RP in Japanese / Noriko O. Onodera.
Italian guarda, prego, dai. Pragmatic markers and the left and right periphery / Chiara Ghezzi and Piera Molinelli.
'So very fast then' discourse markers at left and right periphery in spoken French / Liesbeth Degand.
On the development of sentence final particles (and utterance tags) in Chinese / Foong Ha Yap, Ying Yang and Tak-Sum Wong.
The interplay of discourse and prosody at the left and right periphery in Korean : an analysis of kuntey 'but' / Sung-Ock S. Sohn and Stephanie Hyeri Kim. This volume tests the hypothesis that elements at the left periphery of discourse units have mainly subjective and discourse-structuring functions, whereas at the right periphery, such elements play an intersubjective or modalising role.