Table of Contents

The 'consuming' of place / John Urry.
Alternative India : transgressive spaces / Kelly Davidson.
Representations of 'ethnographic knowledge' : early comic postcards of Wales / Annette Pritchard and Nigel Morgan.
Exclusive, ethno and eco : representations of culture and nature in tourism discourses in Namibia / Uta Papen.
Venice observed : the traveller, the tourist, the post-tourist and British television / David Dunn.
Discourses of Polish agritourism : global, local, pragmatic / Adam Jaworski and Sarah Lawson.
Tourist or traveller? : narrating backpacker identity / Camille C. O'Reilly.
Tourism performance as metaphor : enacting backpacker travel in the Fiji Islands / Stephen Doorne and Irena Ateljevic.
Wales underground : discursive frames and authenticities in Welsh mining heritage tourism events / Nikolas Coupland, Peter Garrett and Hywel Bishop.
'Just perfect!' : the pragmatics of evaluation in holiday postcards / Chris Kennedy.