Table of Contents

Meditation on memorials.
D-Day 1994.
The wars of Ian Hamilton Finlay.
Campaign honours : the American Revolution.
Civil War soldiers.
Britain's good war.
GIs : the American occupation of Britain 1942-1945.
Mass-observation's war.
New Zealand women at war.
The people's peace.
Terence Rattigan's Deep Blue Sea.
The hero from Homer to now.
T.E. Lawrence's Seven pillars of wisdom.
Writing from the sky : Battle of Britain memoirs.
Mr. Wu and the colonials : the British Empire's evacuation from Crete. 1941.
Scottish poets in the desert.
Art and war.
The new Zimbabwe writing and Chimurenga.
Verse and Bosnia.
Just a nasty kid.
Coda : Christa Wolf's Cassandra and the future of epic.