Table of Contents

Introduction / Miriam J. Metzger and Andrew J. Flanagin.
Digital media and youth : unparalleled opportunity and unprecedented responsibility / Andrew J. Flanagin and Miriam J. Metzger.
Toward a cognitive developmental approach to youth perceptions of credibility / Matthew S. Eastin.
College students' credibility judgments in the information-seeking process / Soo Young Rieh and Brian Hilligoss.
The MAIN model : a heuristic approach to understanding technology effects on credibility / S. Shyam Sundar.
Trusting the Internet : new approaches to credibility tools / R. David Lankes.
Credibility of health information and digital media : new perspectives and implications for youth / Gunther Eysenbach.
Challenges to teaching credibility assessment in contemporary schooling / Frances Jacobson Harris.
Credibility, politics, and public policy / Fred W. Weingarten.