Table of Contents

Introduction: Diasporas for peace and development / Petri Hautaniemi and Liisa Laakso.
Part one: Contextualising the Horn of Africa and the diaspora.
1. Diaspora and multi-level governance for peace / Liisa Laakso.
2. Regional political history and the production of diasporas / Guenther Schlee.
Part two: Case studies from the Horn of Africa.
3. Rebuilding Somaliland through economic and educational engagement / Markus Virgil Hoehne and Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim.
4. The Somali diaspora in conflict and peacebuilding: the Peace Initiative Programme / Mahdi Abdile.
5. The 2007 delegation of the Muslim diaspora to Ethiopia / Dereje Feyissa.
6. The Ethiopian diaspora and the Tigray Development Association / Bahru Zewde, Gebre Yntiso and Kassahun Berhanu.
Part three: European approaches to diaspora engagement.
7. Interaction between Somali organizations and Italian and Finnish development actors / Petra Mezzetti, Valeria Saggiomo and Päivi Pirkkalainen.
8. Approaches to diaspora engagement in the Netherlands / Giulia Sinatti.
9. Norwegian collaboration with diasporas / Rojan Ezzati and Cindy Horst.
Afterword / Petri Hautaniemi, Liisa Laakso and Mariko Sato. Featuring a wealth of case-study material and insights from leading experts in the field, this highly original volume forces an important re-think in a contentious area of African politics and development.