Table of Contents

Preface ; Introduction ; Let's stick together : Peirce's conception of continuity ; The physiology of arguments - Peirce's extreme realism : the continuum in Peirce's theory of signs ; How to learn more : an apology for a strong concept of iconicity ; Moving pictures of thought : diagrams as centerpiece of a Peircean epistemology ; Everything is transformed : transformation in semiotics ; Categories, diagrams, schemata : the cognitive grasping of ideal objects in Husserl and Peirce ; Mereology : parts and wholes in phenomenology and semiotics ; Diagrammatical reasoning and the synthetic a priori ; Biosemiotics as material and formal ontology ; A natural symphony? : von Uexküll's Bedeutungslehre and its actuality ; Man the abstract animan : diagrams, abstraction, and the semiotic missing link ; The signifying body : a semiotic concept of embodiment ; Christ levitating and the vanishing square : diagrams in picture analysis ; Into the picture : Husserl's picture theories - and two types of pictures ; Small outline of a theory of the sketch ; Who is Michael Wo-Ling Ptah-Hotep Jerolomon : literary interpretation as thought experiment ; Five types of schematic iconicity in the literary text - an extension of the Ingardenian viewspoint ; The man who knew too much : espionage in reality and fiction : regional ontology and iconicity ; Perspective ; Appendix: Peirce's conception of continuity between mathematics and philosophy ; Notes