Table of Contents

General principles in the diagnosis of infection / Richard L. Kradin, A. John Iafrate.
The biopsy in the diagnosis of infection : clinical approach / Jay A. Fishman.
Cytopathology of infectious and inflammatory diseases / Vicki J. Schnadig.
Ultrastructural diagnosis of infection / Alton B. Farris, Martin Selig, G. Petur Nielsen.
Ear, nose, and throat infections / Matthew M. Johnson.
Pulmonary infections / Richard L. Kradin, Eugene J. Mark.
Cardiac infections / H. Thomas Aretz, Richard L. Kradin. Infections of the gastrointestinal tract / Gregory Lauwers, Mari Mino-Kenudson, Richard L. Kradin.
Liver and bile duct infections / Joseph Misdraji.
Infectious lymphadenitis / Judith A. Ferry.
Infectious diseases of the bone marrow and spleen / Robert P. Hasserjian.
Bone infections / Andrew E. Rosenberg, Susan V. Kattapuram, G. Petur Nielsen.
Infections of joints, synovial-lined structures, and soft tissue / Elizabeth G. Demicco ... [et al.].
Genitourinary infectious disease pathology / Alton B. Farris, G. Petur Nielsen.
Gynecological infections / Rosemary Tambouret.
Perinatal infections / Drucilla J. Roberts.
Infections of the nervous system / Sandra Camelo-Piragua, E. Tessa Hedley-Whyte.
Skin infections / Carlos Nicolas Prieto-Granada, Alice Z.C. Lobo, Martin C. Mihm. Diagnostic Pathology of Infectious Disease presents a comprehensive, organ-based approach to the effective and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases. Dr. Richard L. Kradin covers the latest information on H1N1, as well as the use of immunohistochemical stains, PCR, Immunoperoxidase, and other molecular techniques for a current representation of the field. High-quality, full-color illustrations and differential diagnosis tables accompany each lesion so you can quickly identify and diagnose whatever you see. Online and print, this reference is an invaluable tool for the accurate diagnosis of any infectious disease-from the common to the most challenging. Includes the fully searchable contents of the book online at, along with a full image bank and access to PathConsult. Covers the latest techniques in immunohistochemistry and molecular genetics integrated throughout the text for comprehensive information on all investigative contexts relevant to ensuring diagnostic accuracy. Emphasizes the host responses critical in differential diagnosis to serve as a second opinion when non-infectious diagnoses mimic and confound the diagnosis of infection. Provides a complete visual guide to suspect lesions through superb, high-quality, full-color illustrations of key aspects of various diseases that facilitate the rapid identification of biopsy specimen. Presents contents organized by organ as opposed to pathogen to more effectively address diagnostic and management issues. Features tables that list differential diagnosis for each lesion for quick summaries of key points in problem areas. Highlights morphological characteristics and landmarks of tissue samples throughout the text for easy access to information necessary for signing out specimen. Focuses on clinicopathologic features and correlations so you can deal with the diagnostic problems you face every day.