Table of Contents

Overview of infections in the immunocompromised host / Lesia K. Dropulic and Howard M. Lederman.
Hiv / Yun F. (Wayne) Wang ... [et al.].
Cytomegalovirus / Cari R. Sloma, Thomas E. Grys, and Raymund R. Razonable.
Epstein barr virus and human herpesvirus / David T. Rowe, Frank J. Jenkins, and Heather R. Hensler.
HSV, VZV, HHV-6, and HHV-7 / Paula A. Revell, James H. Clark III, and Beverly B. Rogers.
Adenovirus / Michael G. Ison and Randall T. Hayden.
RNA respiratory viruses / Michael G. Ison and Eric S. Rosenberg.
Enteroviruses / James J. Dunn.
Parvovirus / Marie Louise Landry.
Filamentous fungi / Gary W. Procop, Randall T. Hayden, and Glenn D. Roberts.
Yeast infections in the immunocompromised host : current status of diagnostic approaches / Justin A. Bishop and William G. Merz.
Mycobacteria / Nancy G. Warren and Gail L. Woods.
Aerobic actinomycetes of clinical significance / Michael A. Saubolle.
Diagnostic parasitology in the immunocompromised patient / Lynne S. Garcia.
Etiology, epidemiology, and diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infections in immunocompromised patients / Karen C. Carroll.
Genitourinary tract infections / Barbara L. Haller.
Gastrointestinal infections / Irving Nachamkin.
Central nervous system infections / Igen Hongo, Karen C. Bloch, and Yi-Wei Tang.
Laboratory diagnosis of bloodstream infections in the immunocompromised host / Cathy A. Petti, Hafsa Hassan, and L. Barth Reller.
Infections of soft tissue/prosthetic devices / Xiang Y. Han.
Hospital-associated infections / Fann Wu, Susan Whittier, and Phyllis Della-Latta.
Future trends in diagnosis of infections in the immunocompromised population / Donna M. Wolk and Elizabeth M. Marlowe.