Table of Contents

Techniques of immunohistochemistry : principles, pitfalls, and standardization / Clive R. Taylor, Shan-Rong Shi, Nancy J. Barr.
Molecular anatomic pathology : principles, technique, and application to immunohistologic diagnosis / Marina N. Nikiforova, Yuri E. Nikiforov.
Immunohistology of infectious diseases / Eduardo Ezyaguirre, David Walker, Sherif Zaki.
Immunohistology of soft tissue and osseous neoplasms / Mark R. Wick, Jason L. Hornick.
Immunohistology of Hodgkin lymphoma /.
Parul Bhargava, Marshall E. Kadin.
Immunohistology of non-Hodgkin lymphoma / Alvin Martin.
Immunohistology of melanocytic neoplasms / Mark R. Wick.
-- Immunohistology of metastatic carcinomas of unknown primary / Rohit Bhargava, David J. Dabbs.
Immunohistology of head and neck neoplasms / Jennifer L. Hunt.
Immunohistology of endocrine tumors / Ronald A. DeLellis, Sandra J. Shin, Diana Treaba.
Immunohistology of the mediastinum / Mark R. Wick.
Immunohistology of lung and pleural neoplasms / Samuel P. Hammar, Sanja Dacic.
Immunohistology of skin tumors / Mark R. Wick, Paul E. Swanson, James W. Patterson.
Immunohistology of the gastrointestinal tract / Alyssa M. Krasinkas, Jeffrey D. Goldsmith.
Immunohistology of the pancreas, biliary tract, and liver / Olca Basturk, Alton B. Farris III, N. Volkan Adsay.
Immunohistology of the prostate, bladder, kidney, and testis / George Netto, Johnathan Epstein.
Immunohistology of pediatric neoplasms / Cheryl M. Coffin, Jessica M. Comstock, Jeremy C. Wallentine.
Immunohistology of the female genital tract / Joseph T. Rabban, Robert A. Soslow, Charles Zaloudek.
Immunohistology of the breast / Rohit Bhargava, Nicole N. Esposito, David J. Dabbs.
Immunohistology of the nervous system / Paul E. McKeever.
Immunocytology / Mamatha Chivukula, David J. Dabbs. Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry presents the latest information and most reliable guidance on immunohistological diagnoses in surgical pathology. David J. Dabbs, MD and other leading experts bring you state-of-the-art coverage on genomic and theranostic applications, molecular anatomic pathology, immunocytology, Non-Hodgkin₂