Table of Contents

Linking sustainability science, community and culture : a research partnership in Cotacachi, Ecuador / Robert E. Rhoades.
Shaping an Andean landscape : processes affecting topography, soils and hydrology in Cotacachi / Franz Zehetner and William P. Miller.
Incursion, fragmentation and tradition : historical ecology of Andean Cotacachi / A. Shiloh Moates and B.C. Campbell.
Four decades of land use change in the Cotacachi Andes : 1963-2000 / Xavier Zapata Rios, Robert E. Rhoades, Maria Claudia Segovia and Franz Zehetner.
Climate change in Cotacachi / Robert E. Rhoades, Xavier Zapata Rios and Jenny Aragundy.
Traversing a landscape of memory / Virginia D. Nazarea, Rafael Guitarra and Robert E. Rhoades.
Biological diversity in Cotacachi's Andean forests / Marcia Peñafiel, Marco Tipán, Lincoln Nolivos and Karla Vásquez.
Trees and trade-offs : perceptions of eucalyptus and native trees in Ecuadorian highland communities / Ashley D. Carse.
Living, dwindling, losing, finding : status and changes in agrobiodiversity of Cotacachi / Kristine Skarbø.
Women and homegardens of Cotacachi / Maricel C. Piniero.
Good to eat, good to think : food, culture and biodiversity in Cotacachi / Juana Camacho.
Toward sustainable crop production in Cotacachi : an assessment of the soils' nutrient status / Franz Zehetner and William P. Miller.
Plant-water relationships in an Andean landscape : modelling the effect of irrigation on upland crop production / Franz Zehetner, William P. Miller and Xavier Zapata Ríos.
Water quality and human needs in Cotacachi : the Pichavi watershed / Jenny Aragundy and Xavier Zapata Ríos.
Local resolution of watershed management trade-offs : the case of Cotacachi / Fabián Rodríguez with Douglas Southgate.
Community-based water monitoring in Cotacachi / Sergio S. Ruiz-Cordóva, Bryan L. Duncan, William Deutsch and Nicolás Gómez.
Why is the earth tired? : a comparative analysis of agricultural change and intervention in northern Ecuador / B.C. Campbell.
Circular migration and community identity : their relationship to the land / Gabriela Flora.
Social capital and advocacy coalitions : examples of environment issues from Ecuador / Jan L. Flora, Cornelia B. Flora, Florencia Campana, Mary García Bravo and Edith Fernández-Baca.
Future visioning for the Cotacachi Andes : scientific models and local perspectives on land use change / Robert E. Rhoades and Xavier Zapata Ríos.
Sustainability science in indigenous communities : reconciling local and global agendas / Robert E. Rhoades.