Table of Contents

Foreword: Global Learning in Europe: Looking Back and Moving Forward / Helmuth Hartmeyer.
1. Introduction: Transformative Learning in the Age of Neoliberalism / Stephen McCloskey.
Part I: Soft Versus Critical Development Education.
2. Soft versus Critical Global Citizenship Education / Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti.
3. Learning to Read the World? Educating for 'Active (Global) Citizenship' in the Formal Curriculum / Audrey Bryan.
4. Typologies of Development Education: From Learning About Development to Critical Global Pedagogy / Douglas Bourn.
5. Critical Thinking and Development Education: How do we develop meta-cognitive capacities? / Roland Tormey.
Part II: Development Education Sectors.
6. Young People and Development: The Role of Global Youth Work in Engagement and Learning / Paul Adams.
7. Moving Beyond Boundaries: Development Education in Initial Teacher Education / Fionnuala Waldron.
8. Strengthening Development Education Practice in the Higher Education Sector: Re-imagining Research / Su-ming Khoo.
Part III: Development Education and Sustainable Development.
9. Striking A Faustian Bargain? Development Education, Education for Sustainable Development and the Economic Growth Agenda / David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa.
10. Development Education and Climate Change / Glenn Strachan.
Part IV: New Development Paradigms: Lessons for Development Education.
11. Groping Towards a New Future: Educating for Paradigm Change / Peadar Kirby.
12. New Paradigms for Social Transformation in Latin America / Ronaldo Munck.
13. Political Society and Subaltern Social Movements (SSM) in India: Implications for Development/Global Education / Dip Kapoor.
14. The Deglobalisation Paradigm: A Critical Discourse on Alternatives / Dorothy Grace Guerrero.
Part V: Development Education's Shifting Policy Landscape.
15. Development Education in a European Context / Gerard McCann.
16. Beyond the MDGs: Toward a New Development Framework / Mwangi Waituru.
17. Conclusion: Whither Development Education in a Shifting Policy Landscape? / Stephen McCloskey.