Table of Contents

pt. 1. Defining translation competence. Competence in language, in languages, and in translation / Albrecht Neubert.
Bilingual competence and translation competence / Marisa Presas.
Levels of speech and grammar when translating between English and French / Jean-Pierre Mailhac.
The broader view : how freelance translators define translation competence / Janet Fraser.
Translator training between academia and profession : a European perspective / Gunilla Anderman and Margaret Rogers. pt. 2. Teaching strategies for emancipatory translation / Andrew Chesterman.
Which competences should we teach to future translators, and how? / Jean Vienne.
Reflections on teaching translation from French into Hungarian at the Technical University of Budapest : towards a function-dependent course typology / Agnes Elthes.
The use of translation diaries in a process-oriented translation teaching methodology / Olivia Fox.
Structuring specialized translation courses : a hit and miss affair? / Catherine Way.
Running before walking? : designing a translation programme at undergraduate level / Christina Schäffner.
Text selection for developing translator competence : why texts from the tourist sector constitute suitable material / Dorothy Kelly.
A training strategy for translation studies / Ronald J. Sim.
pt. 3. Assessing translation competence. Evaluating the development of translation competence / Allison Beeby.
Building a measuring instrument for the acquisition of translation competence in trainee translators / Mariana Orozco.
Evaluating translation competence / Beverly Adab.
The evaluation of translation into a foreign language / Gerard McAlester.